Who we are

Digging Deeper is a division of The GAPP Group Pty Ltd, a company founded on reducing the gaps surrounding access to support services in Australia.

We aim to give a voice to those who often go unnoticed in our community, especially those who struggle to break the cycle of dealing with debilitating Mental Health conditions.

We offer a wide range of Mental Health First Aid Australia programs to educate individuals and workplaces to dig deeper into understanding Mental Health.

Through our owned lived experiences with mental health concerns, we understand that mental health is not something that just gets left at the door as people head to work, drop the kids to school or when visiting friends and family.

We deliver Mental Health First Aid Australia training programs that help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health concerns and build a culture of empathy and mutual support.

The Logo

We selected turtles for our logo as the pattern on a turtles back is seen to represent calendar months and days, hence the length of time someone lives with mental health concerns.

The turtles instincts for survival are mimicked in human nature as sometimes they bury themselves to feel safe and secure. Turtles like to hide under things, and if their environment doesn’t offer any suitable hiding places they will simply hide underground to protect themselves from the elements and predators.

As humans when we feel emotionally under attack, we hide away, sometimes from ourselves or others, hence we burrow in our beds, homes and emotions as a way of finding safety and security.